Building research capacity throughIHOPE

The Clinical Research Training Programme is embedded as part of the Clinical/Public Health Research Centre (CRC) Grant by DBT Wellcome Trust India Alliance to set up IHOPE. As per India Alliance, “The purpose of the CRTP programme is to fund mentored research training Fellowships to medical graduates and post-graduates to integrate basic and clinical/public health research, provide training opportunities in diverse areas of research relevant to India’s health priorities and provide knowledge and skills to prepare trainees for careers in health research.”

Three CRTP Fellowships have been awarded to IHOPE, as part of the CRC grant.

The proposed CRTP while focusing on research will further add to the existing education and training programs at LVPEI. The chosen CRTP Fellows would be clinicians trained in all areas of research, would design, implement, analyze and publish work in accordance with the CRC curriculum that will be put in place.

CRTP Fellows

Dr Brijesh Takkar
Dr Varsha Rathi
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